A perfect game is one of baseball's rarest and most memorable feats. Felix Hernandez on this day in 2012 remains MLB's last. Where were you?

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A perfect game is one of — if not the — rarest feats in baseball. There are cycles, four-homer games, no-hitters, immaculate innings and 20-strikeout games. Each is worthy of its own spectacle of a news cycle, but none are quite as rare or resonate quite as much as a perfect game, though. Twenty seven up. Twenty seven down.

A testament to its scarcity? The perfecto Felix Hernandez tossed five years ago Tuesday remains the last to occur in Major League Baseball and just the 23rd ever. Similar to the coming solar eclipse, it’s an event that those who experience it remember for the rest of their lives. For some, it breeds a new baseball fan. For others, it’s been a lifetime of rooting to finally see the day. The majority will never witness one in person.

So where were you when Felix recorded the 27th out against the Rays on Aug. 15, 2012? Tell us in the comments, on Twitter or on Facebook and we’ll include it below.

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