What the national media are saying about the Mariners’ hiring of Jerry Dipoto as general manager.

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What the national media are saying about the Mariners’ hiring of Jerry Dipoto as their general manager:

Mariners have much work to do for 2016 season

Dipoto has considerable work to do this offseason and beyond to turn Jack Z’s glut of defensively challenged sluggers into a well-rounded baseball team and will have to work within the limits created by the Cano, Hernandez, Cruz and Seager contracts to do so. He will also have to rebuild the culture of the organization which had significant difficulty developing the team’s many promising prospects into valuable major leaguers in Zduriencik’s seven years on the job, with Seager the only sustained success on that front.

— Cliff Corcoran, Sports Illustrated

Dipoto left his mark on Boston Red Sox

It was one of the more unique, and potentially important, pieces of the Red Sox puzzle over the last two months: Jerry Dipoto evaluating the organization’s minor-league talent as a hired consultant.

The importance of Dipoto arguably became more vital to the Red Sox once Dave Dombrowski came on as the team’s president of baseball operations, with Dombrowski having to spend the majority of his time and efforts with the big-league club.

But now Dipoto’s stretch with the Red Sox has come to an end thanks to his new job as the Seattle Mariners’ general manager.

“I wish he would have been able to stay,” Dombrowski said. “I figured once Seattle started to interview him it was probably a longshot. But, sure, I wish he would have been able to stay.”

Even though it was a relatively short tenure with the Red Sox, Dipoto did leave his mark with the organization. It’s an influence that may very well have a significant impact on how the Sox approach this offseason.

— Rob Bradford, WEEI.com in Boston

Dipoto bright, but needs support from his bosses

Dipoto will also have to figure out what to do with manager Lloyd McClendon, who is signed through next year. Seattle has taken a big step back in 2015 after winning 87 games last year. If McClendon goes, then the Mariners might have to gamble on a relatively inexperienced replacement.

The good news for Mariners fans is that Dipoto is incredibly bright and one of the best candidates out there for the job. The question is whether he’ll get the full support of his bosses to make the necessary moves to turn Seattle’s fortunes around.

— Joseph Zucker, Bleacher Report