The Mariners kicked off a league-wide promotion with their legendary Turn Ahead the Clock Day against the Royals in 1998. They're bringing it back for the 20th anniversary, so here's a look back at what started it all.

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At their annual preseason luncheon Thursday, the Mariners announced their promotional schedule for the 2018 season. The most notable date? June 30, or Turn Ahead the Clock Day 2.0.

Mariners vice president of marketing Kevin Martinez started it all, when in collaboration with Ken Griffey Jr., the M’s rolled out futuristic, sleeveless uniforms for a midsummer game against the Royals. The next year, “Turn Ahead the Clock Day” was adopted across the league.

Now, they’re bringing it back for the 20th anniversary. Above are some of our shots from that infamous day inside the Kingdome. Untucked jerseys, backward caps — a DeLorean? We can’t wait to see what the 2018 version has in store.