See how much you know about Chambers Bay, the U.S. Open and the players who will be competing in it.

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1, The only tournament of golf’s four majors played on the same course every year is:

a) The Masters

b) The U.S. Open

c) The British Open

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d) PGA Championship

2, Trains will by passing as the tournament is played. Where are the railroad tracks at Chambers Bay?

a) Down the middle of the course

b) Just outside the course next to Puget Sound

c) On the fifth hole

d) Inland from the course

3, Fox Sports will televise its first U.S. Open at Chambers Bay. The lead announcers will be:

a) Bob Robertson and Jason Gesser

b) Joe Buck and Greg Norman

c) Bob Rondeau and Damon Huard

d) Keith Jackson and Vin Scully

4, Before it became a golf course, Chambers Bay was a:

a) Huge sand and gravel pit

b) Rain forest

c) Amusement park

d) Garbage dump

5, How big is the field at the U.S. Open?

a) 206 golfers

b) 304 golfers

c) 96 golfers

d) 156 golfers

6, How many trees are there on the Chambers Bay course?

a) 1

b) 450

c) None

d) 2,000

7, You will hear a lot about the grass at Chambers Bay. The grass type is:

a) Marijuana

b) Poa annua

c) Fescue

d) Bentgrass

8, An unusual aspect of Chambers Bay is:

a) There is a public walking trail through the course

b) Fort Lewis soldiers train on hole No. 3

c) A black bear named Homer roams the course

d) Seagulls have been trained not to make noise while golfers swing


9, Chambers Bay opened in 2007 and eight months later became the first Northwest course to be awarded a U.S. Open. In 2010, the United States Golf Association held a national event at Chambers Bay and made changes to the course based on what was observed. Which event was that?

a) The U.S. Amateur

b) The U.S. Women’s Amateur

c) The U.S. Frisbee Golf Championship

d) The National Pancake Cook-off

10, Roughly what percentage of the field will gain entry through a two-stage qualifying process that sees golfers compete in what is called a “local” qualifier followed by sectional qualifying?

a) 10 percent

b) 25 percent

c) 50 percent

d) 75 percent

11, How old is Tiger Woods?

a) 39

b) 35

c) 29

d) 65

12, I won last year’s U.S. Open at Pinehurst, N.C. I am from Germany and my name is?

a) Wernher von Braun

b) Martin Kaymer

c) Konrad Adenauer

d) Bernhard Langer

13, In 1913, I put golf on the front page of American newspapers and inspired millions of Americans to start playing the game when I won the U.S. Open. I was a 20-year-old from a working-class family, and I beat two legendary British golfers, Harry Vardon and Ted Ray, in a playoff. The movie “The Greatest Game Ever Played” is based on my victory. I am?

a) Francis Ouimet

b) Pee Wee Reese

c) Albert Rosellini

d) Paul Runyan

14. I have finished second in the U.S. Open a record six times. I will be trying to break through at Chambers Bay. If I do, I will become the sixth golfer in history to complete the modern grand slam by winning all four modern majors. I am?

a) Padraig Harrington

b) Jason Dufner

c) John Daly

d) Phil Mickelson

15, I am the caddie for Masters champion Jordan Spieth. I used to teach sixth-grade math and science at a school near Chambers Bay. My name is?

a) Michael Greller

b) Elmer Singleton

c) Ed Pepple

d) Marcus Whitman

Answers: 1, a: 2, b; 3, b; 4, a; 5, d; 6, a, (It is behind the green of the par-3, 15th hole); 7, c (This will be the first U.S. Open played on fescue); 8, a; 9, a (won by Peter Uihlein); 10, c; 11, a (He turns 40 on Dec. 30); 12, b; 13. a; 14, d; 15. a

Scoring: 14-15 Correct, Champions Club; 11-13 correct, contenders; 9-10 correct, made the cut. 8 or less, you need a mulligan.