The Mariners are the least-hated team in baseball and...actually kind of popular?

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Even if the Mariners were to send their most gregarious representative to this hypothetical gathering of anthropomorphic team logos, mascots — whatever, you get the point — it would still probably just stand in a corner and keep to itself.

Because the Mariners are basically baseball’s interpretation of the Seattle stereotype. They’re unassuming. They haven’t bothered anyone in years. And they definitely would wave after you let them into traffic.

That much is reflected in a recent study released by FiveThirtyEight. After polling 989 “self-described baseball fans” in partnership with Survey Monkey, it found that nobody hates the Mariners. Like, really … Nobody.

Here’s the table:

Overall, the Mariners actually rate very favorably around the country. They’re in the upper echelon of net favorability — at 41-20, their plus-21 is tied for 11th. No region — not even the west — lists them among their most-hated teams. And in the west, the M’s (12 percent) trail only the Giants (15 percent) and Dodgers (13 percent) in terms of fan share.

While just 0.5 percent of respondents chose the Mariners as their most-hated team, 4 percent responded with the M’s as their favorite. That ties them with the Phillies to round out the top 10, and puts them ahead of teams such as the Mets (12th), Indians (14th), Angels (19th), Royals (t-20th) and Astros (26th).

Perhaps representing an entire region of the country, albeit without much success, is a successful formula. At least it seems so for the M’s.

It’s been 16 years since the Mariners made the playoffs. They’ve never won a World Series. What was the last controversial move the club made? Stealing this guy from New York for $240 million?

Robinson Cano’s former team visits Safeco Field for four games beginning Thursday night. The series pits baseball’s most ambivalent team against its most hated, according to this FiveThirtyEight study and just about any other measure you can think of.

Ten percent of respondents said the Yanks were their favorite MLB team. But a whopping 27 percent share said they hate the Yankees the most. That’s more than twice — almost three times — more than the next team, the Red Sox at 10 percent. And remember, all the way at the bottom: the Mariners at half a percent.

The kind of prolonged dread endured by this fanbase can breed masochism. Heck, that 0.5 percent is probably made up of the most-devoted Mariners fans. Anyway, who else would it be? You gotta love these guys, right?