Look, ma, no hands. No kidding!

Shannon Frandreis caught a home-run ball, not with her hands, cap or beer cup — but with her prosthetic leg — at a White Sox game in Chicago on Oct. 2. Her TikTok video of the snag has garnered more than 2 million views.

“Five beers in,” Frandreis wrote on the video of her snag, “and taking my leg off to catch a ball seemed like a great idea.”


• At Fark.com: “MLB to require all minor-leaguers to be COVID vaccinated before 2022 season. Decent pay and meals still to be determined.”

• At TheOnion.com: “Urban Meyer still adjusting to speed of NFL cover-ups.”

Wanna get away?

The Jets and Falcons — both 1-3 and outscored by a combined 97 points — play in London on Sunday.

Apparently they didn’t qualify for the witness-protection program, so they opted for a change of venue.


Columbus daze

Mick Jagger, in Charlotte, N.C., for a Rolling Stones concert, dropped into a small bar for a drink the night before and nobody recognized who he was.

“Why couldn’t that have been me?” asked Jags coach Urban Meyer.

Old news

The White Sox-Astros series features managers Tony La Russa and Dusty Baker, 77 and 72 years old.

In lieu of the seventh-inning stretch, it’ll be first call to the early-bird buffet.

Charlie Hustle

Ever see a ceremonial first chip before?

Pete Rose will celebrate the Hard Rock Casino’s rebranding at its grand opening on Oct. 29 when he places the first table bet.

Road sweet road

With New York City’s COVID-19 restrictions in place, the Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie Irving will be playing only road games until he’s vaccinated.


Now, just to find a player stuck in home confinement so they can job-share.


New York has gone a full decade without any championships from its NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL teams.

“Looking for something?” asked a fan from Boston, which has six.

Sympathy pains

An injured middle finger has put Seahawks QB Russell Wilson out at least six weeks.

“We feel your pain,” said die-hard Philadelphia fans.

Hold the questions, please

The priest, the rabbi and the horse from the “walked into a bar” jokes — at least temporarily — have been replaced by Urban Meyer.

So it’s probably not a good idea to ask “Why the long face?” even if he does have an 0-4 record.


Check the fine print

Eighteen ex-NBA players have been charged with defrauding the league’s health and welfare benefit plan out of about $4 million for claiming fake ailments.

Even worse, they won’t get their $35 copays back.

Try, try again

Seahawks punter Michael Dickson ensured his place in NFL highlight films forever by nimbly scooping up his blocked punt, running to his left and unloading a second punt — a 68-yarder — against the Rams.

“If that happened in a video game, you’d scream that it was a glitch.” said Michael Hurley of WBZ-TV in Boston. “But sometimes, real life is bananas.”

Joe, as in dough

A picture is just worth a thousand words, unless it’s one of Shoeless Joe Jackson.

A 1911 Jackson autographed photo — the only known one in existence — sold for a record $1.47 million at Christie’s and Hunt Auctions in New York.

Talking the talk

• Mike Hart of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, on Ravens coach John Harbaugh opting for a running play instead of taking a knee on the final play to keep his team’s streak of 100-yard games alive: “OK, when’s the ticker-tape parade?”


• Nick Canepa of The San Diego Union-Tribune, on Shaquille O’Neal “renouncing” celebrity status and all that it stands for: “Does this mean we won’t see his face on TV every 5 minutes?”

• Janice Hough of LeftCoastSportsBabe.com, on Angel Hernandez being the home-plate ump for Game 2 on the NLDS: “So much for ‘no crying in baseball.’ ”

Still Googling

According to Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, tight end Gerald Everett had five consecutive negative COVID tests and yet was unable to play Thursday night.

Apparently the NFL was still doing its research.

Talking the talk

• Twins owner Jim Pohlad, to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, asked if there’s a way to measure his disappointment in the Twins, first in the AL Central last season to last this year: “Well, no, I don’t think there’s a disappoint-o-meter. But if there was, it would be high.”

• Bob Molinaro in the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot, on two SEC teams — Alabama and Georgia — already looking like the College Football Playoff finalists: “But don’t worry. There’s still some potential suspense in guessing who could reach the Cheez-It Bowl.”