An 0-4 start to their first homestand was not the best way for the Mariners to win over fans and show things are changing. Seattle Times sports columnists take on the big questions.

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The Mariners went 2-5 in their first week of the 2016 season and, as of this post, have yet to win a game at Safeco Field. Are these just the same old M’s?

That’s the big question Seattle Times sports columnists Larry Stone and Matt Calkins tackle in this week’s installment of “One on One.” Watch the full video above.

“Four straight losses at home, and now I’m hearing more than I’ve ever heard, ‘Same old M’s.’ People (are) jumping off the bandwagon,” Stone says. “It was probably the worst thing that could have happened to a team that’s trying to win back fans, that’s trying to show this culture change and regime change is working.”