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Pretty quiet morning here in sunny Peoria, Arizona! It’s supposed to be warm one today with temperatures supposed to be reaching 98 degrees.

“That’s good,” manager Lloyd McClendon said.

Um, good?

“That’s good hitting weather,” he said.

Apparently the pleasant 80 degrees on Friday night in Surprise wasn’t hitting weather. The Mariners managed just one hit in the game and none in seven innings while facing Yordano Ventura.  But after five weeks of spring training and one off day, McClendon knows it’s the dog days of spring.

“It’s a grind,” McClendon said. “Guys are going at it pretty good. Games are tough right now, but we’ll get through it. That’s why you have to be careful with how you play them and how much you use them early on. You have to build to get out of here. I’m not concerned about our offense.”

Spring training is often referred to as “Groundhog Day” by those participating or dealing with it. Every day seems to be the same and nothing changes. That can wear on players.

“I think it’s probably more mental,” he said. “They’re all in pretty good  physical shape. It’s just the grind of every day coming in here and doing the same things over and over. I think they’re all ready for the season to start. So am I.”

So is everyone.

There is also difference because the Mariners’ 25-man roster is basically set. So there isn’t that intensity of position battles going on till the last week. The guys are just playing and trying to prepare, not win a job.

Still, McClendon would like to see his team play a little better in the final week of spring as they head into the season. They’ve been a little sloppy and relievers haven’t been great.

“The final week is the toughest week,” McClendon said. “It’s my job to make sure the intensity level increases. That’s why it’s important to get your team together and let them bond and work together. We are in the process of trying to do that as well.”

To do that, McClendon has to make the official call on the starting rotation and bullpen. Something he will likely announce tomorrow or Monday.

“I need to sit down with Jack and see if we can come to an agreement with some things,” McClendon said.

*** With David Rollins suspended, that leaves Tyler Olson and Joe Saunders as the only two lefties competing for the bullpen. Yes, Joe Beimel is out on the market after being released by the Rangers following a horrid spring. But it doesn’t sound like they will go out and sign another lefty right away. And if they do, that lefty would go to the minor leagues.

“If we take a second lefty, they are going to come from within,” McClendon said.

*** Brad Miller is out of the lineup for a second straight day as he battles the cold/flu bug that is going around the clubhouse. Miller was dehydrated and McClendon decided to give him an extra day.

*** Felix Hernandez went from being a 99.99999 percent lock to be the opening day start to 100 percent.