Seattle will play the NL West in interleague play next season.

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ARLINGTON, Texas — As the 2017 regular season reaches its final remaining weeks, Major League Baseball and each of its respective teams released their schedules for next season.

After opening the last two season on the road, the Mariners open the 2018 season at Safeco Field on Thursday, March 29 against the Cleveland Indians. Ā It’s will be just the third time since 2008 that the Mariners have opened the season at home.

Every team in baseball will open on the same day, something that hasn’t happened since 1968. This is due to the new schedule format agreed upon in the recent collective bargaining agreement. The idea was to add more three to four more offdays throughout the season. So the season isĀ lengthened by a weekend and starting early. This will be the earliest domestic opening day in MLB history.

Unlike this season, there are no four-city road trips for the Mariners. That’s due to the fact that the Mariners will play the National League West in interleague play. The Diamondbacks will be the Mariners “natural rival” this season. That will rotate to the Padres next season.

You’ll notice that the Mariners have back-to-back Fridays off in the first weeks of the season. That’s a MLB scheduling quirk for all teams and their home openers for the season. While it doesn’t obviously affect the Mariners because of the retractable roof, they like to give teams an off day during that first home series in case of inclement weather. That might be necessary for the series at Target Field in Minnesota. The Mariners opted to take the Friday off instead of the Saturday off on that weekend.

The Blue Jays will be in Seattle over the weekend of Aug. 3-5 with that Monday being a national holiday in Canada. You’ve been warned.