The Ken Griffey Jr. statue outside of Safeco Field will undergo repairs this weekend to reattach the bat that was broken off in a moment of vandalism in October.

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The Kid will be getting his bat back.

The Mariners confirmed that the statue of Ken Griffey Jr. outside of Safeco Field will be undergoing repairs this weekend. Details concerning the process have yet to be released.

On the early evening of Oct. 17, the massive statue, which sits at the front of the home plate entrance, was damaged when an intoxicated man broke the bat out of the right hand of the statue and ran off with the intention of keeping it.  However, Kelsey Klevenberg, who was working in the King 5 building across the street,  saw the transgression and chased down the perpetrator, later identified as Skyler Mamoru, and retrieved the bat. Mamoru was later arrested by police 

Griffey’s statue, which was crafted by artist Lou Cella, has remained batless since that day. But the plan is for the bat to be returned to Griffey’s hand.