Heredia is expected to be ready for spring training.

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After two seasons of nagging pain and all-too-frequent partial dislocations, Guillermo Heredia’s right shoulder has finally been repaired.

On Monday, the Mariners’ outfielder underwent successful surgery to repair a Bankart Lesion. Dr. John Uribe in Miami performed the procedure. A Bankart Lesion refers to damage to the Glenoid labrum and attached joint capsule. It occurs from a dislocation or partial dislocation of the shoulder. It results in overall shoulder instability. General manager Jerry Dipoto estimated that Heredia’s shoulder partially dislocated at least four times in the 2017 season. The surgery has a high success rate for people undergoing it the first time.

Heredia first dislocated the shoulder early in the 2016 season while playing in the minor leagues after diving into a base.  Given a chance to be on the opening day roster, the rookie outfielder played through the pain much of this season. But offseason surgery to provide more stability became a necessity with the shoulder getting worse with Heredia’s aggressive and fearless play in the field.

Heredia, 26, will begin rehabilitation immediately in Miami, where he resides in the offseason. He is expected to be ready for spring training.

In his first full season at the big league level, Heredia hit .249 (96 for 386) with 43 runs, 16 doubles, six home runs and 24 RBI in 123 games with the Mariners this season. From Opening Day through August 18, hit .286 (83 for 290) with 39 runs, 14 doubles, 6 home runs, 22 RBI and 18 walks in 90 games. But with an injury to Jarrod Dyson, Heredia was forced to play every day and struggled, hitting  .135 average (13 for 96) with two doubles, two RBI in 33 games before being shutdown because of shoulder pain.

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