The Seattle Mariners are trying to convince voters and members of the media that designated hitter Edgar Martinez belongs in the hallowed company of Cooperstown.

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With ballots for the Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 2017 sent out to eligible voters a week ago, the Mariners are making a push to convince voters and baseball fans for the induction candidacy of Edgar Martinez.

On Tuesday, the club sent out an email to all members of the Baseball Writers Association of America — a portion of which are eligible to vote — and other media members with a package of stats, links and quotes advocating for Martinez’s induction. It’s something they’ve done in the past for Martinez as well as for the Cy Young candidacy of Felix Hernandez.

Always understated, Martinez has never openly campaigned for the Hall of Fame and often is reluctant to discuss his qualifications and accomplishments that make him a candidate. He is also running out of time. Martinez is in his 8th year on the ballot and only has two more after this class before being reaching the 10-year limit. If he fails to gain induction by then, he will have to hope for induction from the veteran’s committee.

Here’s his voting results since being put on the ballot. He needs 75 percent of the vote to get in.

  • 2010 — (36.2%)
  • 2011 — (32.9%)
  • 2012 — (36.5%)
  • 2013 — (35.9%)
  • 2014 — (25.2%)
  • 2015 — (27.0%)
  • 2016 — (43.4%)


Quotes from other players: 

“Edgar deserves to be in. I played with the guy. I know what he’s done.”  – Ken Griffey Jr.

“The toughest – and thank God he retired – Edgar Martinez. Oh my God. I think every pitcher will say that, because this man was tough. Great man, though – respected the game, did what he had to do for his team. That’s what you appreciate about players, when a player come and do what is right for the game of baseball, for his team and teammates.” – Mariano Rivera

“I remember when I was coming up, I used to watch a guy like Edgar hit and I was like, ‘This is ridiculous’…He’s a .312 career hitter. When you’re a .312 career hitter at this level, that means you pretty much got everything down.” – David Ortiz

“Edgar deserves to be in [the Hall of Fame]…There are a lot of guys with similar numbers who should be there, and Edgar’s definitely one of them. He carried the team for a period of time. He was one of the most feared hitters in the game for 10-plus years.” – Ken Griffey Jr.

“Edgar Martinez is, hands down, the best hitter that I’ve ever seen. I’m glad I didn’t have to face him too much. Having seen him play from ’89 to all the way when I left, I got to see him a lot against great pitchers. Like I said, hands down, he is the best pure hitter that I got to see on a nightly basis. And I hope that his time comes soon, that he gets a phone all stating that he’s a Hall of Fame player, because he is.” – Randy Johnson

“Believe it or not, the guy that I hated facing the most wasn’t a guy that really did well against me. It was actually a guy that didn’t do that well…The toughest guy I faced I think — with all due respect to all the players in the league — was Edgar Martinez. He had to make me throw at least 13 fastballs above 95 (each time we faced). I was hard-breathing after that. Edgar was a guy that had the ability to foul off pitches, and it pissed me off because I couldn’t get the guy out.” – Pedro Martinez

“A professional, quiet, humble giant and one of best right-handed hitters ever seen.” – Dusty Baker

“…the one guy you didn’t want to see come up there with the game on the line.” – Mike Scioscia

“I think the writers have spoken in my case, and they will again in the future. They’re not going to hold [being a DH] against you. It’s part of the game and should be included as such. He [Edgar] was one of the most feared right-handed hitters for a long time in this league. The amount of respect he has from peers speaks to the value of the offensive player he was.” – Paul Molitor


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