Dipoto: "I don't envision a time where I'm doing my job without him doing his job."

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The baseball bromance between Mariners general manager Jerry Dipoto and manager Scott Servais is going to continue in Seattle for the next few years.

On Friday, the organization announced that Dipoto, who was in the final year of a three-year contract, had signed a multi-year contract extension. An extension for Servais seems certain to be announced before the end of the season.

With his future settled, Dipoto can now turn the focus to his long-time friend Servais, whom Dipoto selected to be the Mariners manager despite never managing a professional game prior to being hired. Like Dipoto, Servais is also in the final year of a three-year contract.

Asked about getting a contract extension done with Servais, Dipoto made his plans clear.

“Without question,” he said. “Scott has been my partner for far longer than we’ve been here. Whether it be dreaming about what we wanted to create as a franchise, whether it be in player development and what we are doing in scouting, or now culminating with how to build a major league roster and how to guide it, I don’t envision a time where I’m doing my job without him doing his job. I think so much of what we accomplished this year is because we have often or have always been on the same page. We have a slightly different angle that we come from.”

Dipoto heaped plenty of credit for the Mariners’ success this season — a 56-32 record — on Servais and how he’s handled the team.

“Part of the reason we are in the position we are in, in July of 2018, is because we’ve won a lot of close games,” Dipoto said. “You don’t win close games unless your manager makes good decisions. We’ve got good personnel. We’ve got a talented roster that’s very resilient. But you don’t make those one-run games into one-run wins without the right guy pushing the buttons. And that guy is Scott Servais.”

Dipoto didn’t put a timetable on when the extension will get done, but it seems likely before the end of the season. He didn’t think the lack of an extension would affect Servais’ standing with the players.

“It hasn’t to this point,” Dipoto said. “We’ve both been in this situation. My contractual situation was solved today. As I said, I don’t envision doing this without Scott with me. He’s been fantastic and a partner through the whole thing. We’ll address it at the appropriate time, and my guess is before too long we’ll be sitting down to talk to you about what we are doing with Scott moving forward. He’s the manager of this team, and I envision him being the manager, and hopefully that is confidence enough. I know that group of players in there trusts him. We trust him. The organization on through ownership holds him in a really high regard, and he’ll be taken care of.”

When told of Dipoto’s comments, Servais seemed pleased about the possibility of staying as manager.

“I hope so, yeah,” he said with a laugh. “I’m not going to lie. I love being here. I love Seattle. I love what we’ve been able to do here. But at the end of the day, it’s about the players. We’ve got a special group. It’s a group that enjoys competing. It’s a group that our fanbase can really connect with. The enthusiasm and excitement here in the ballpark, you can feel it. It’s somebody different every night and it’s a fun place to be right now.”