With baseball on the brink of not having a 2020 season, the Extra Innings podcast returns to discuss a situation that has steadily degraded into the possibility of no baseball this summer.

Meg Rowley of Fangraphs is this week’s special guest. She joins the podcast along with Times’ beat writer Ryan Divish to discuss how the state of the game has devolved into acrimony and statements on social media.

  • Who is to blame in all of this? The players? The owners?
  • Are the owners really losing money? Should they be trusted in their financial assessments?
  • Have the these negotiations been in good faith?
  • Are the players right in asking for full pro rata?
  • Can this be fixed?
  • Even if it is fixed in the next week, what does that mean for the 2020 season?

Other topics include: MLB Players growing participation in social issues, specifically Black Lives Matter. How would no season affect the Mariners?Running a baseball website without baseball and the financial difficulties ahead. Living without baseball as a baseball writer and book recommendations.

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The Extra Innings Podcast · Is baseball really doing this? Meg Rowley of Fangraphs joins the podcast