The Mariners' second baseman has hit four homers in his first three games. How has he improved so much since the start of last season? The 'MLB Tonight' crew has a theory.

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Robinson Cano has hit four home runs in three games. He has one-third of the Mariners’ 21 RBIs so far in this young season. It’s quite a different start from 2015, when he took until the end of June to reach a mere four dingers.

How has Cano improved so much since his stumbling start last year? The “MLB Tonight” crew has a theory, and it’s just two words long: Edgar Martinez.

From the time Martinez was hired as the Mariners’ hitting coach last June, Cano’s offensive numbers have rebounded to All-Star levels. He hit .319 through the second half of 2015 and is now, after Seattle’s opening series, 4-for-13 with four homers and a walk.

Watch Wednesday evening’s “MLB Tonight” discussion of Cano’s hot start below: