Gonzales will try and continue his throwing progression and make his next scheduled start.

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PEORIA, Ariz. — It might not help Marco Gonzales for the next few days, but the Mariners can sleep a little easier now. Further tests showed that Gonzales suffered no breaks in his right hand after being struck by a line drive during his start on Monday evening.

“He has a contusion,” manager Scott Servais said. “Contusion is an okay word. It’s better than break or fracture. We got lucky. He’s sore, but it’s not going to stop him from keeping his arm going. Hopefully, he should good for his next start. He’s really sore.”

Gonzales arrived early Tuesday for more tests and treatment on the hand. He had it wrapped in ice and looked exhausted.  The throbbing pain and quest to keep it elevated over night didn’t yield much in the way of sleep or rest.

“It wasn’t a fun night,” he said. “I kept waking up. I was trying to keep it elevated. And apparently my pillows got harder because it felt like I kept banging it on things. I think I finally gave up after I woke up at 3 a.m. and just stayed awake.”

Regardless of his sleep deprivation, Gonzales is relieved that there isn’t a break. While the injury isn’t on his throwing hand, it would have been difficult to put a glove on with a cast on his hand. Right now, he’s wearing a soft cast/wrap on the hand to protect it and keep the swelling down.

Gonzales plans to maintain his throwing program despite the soreness in his hand. He’ll simply have someone catch the ball for him and then throw it, evoking a football and “Friday Night Lights” reference.

“I will be QB1 for a few days,” he said.

He still did his arm strengthening routine and participated in all the stretching and running with the pitchers on Tuesday.


*** Nelson Cruz (flu) was back in the lineup after being scratched just before Tuesday’s game.

“Yesterday we had like four different lineup changes,” Servais said. “He was in, he was out, he was in and then he was out. He felt okay, but just a little weak. He hadn’t done anything after being sick for three days. Hopefully, he can get three at-bats in the DH spot today.”

*** After playing the last two days, Ichiro got a day off on Tuesday. Servais expects him to play Wednesday night vs. the Giants in Peoria.

*** Asked again about the baserunning gaffes on Monday night, Servais tried to find positives.

“I said it after the game. It’s the decision making,” Servais said. “People can talk about it, ‘well, how do you practice that play?’ Some things you can’t practice. There’s just a feel and decision making on the bases. But it wasn’t good last night.”

Reserves and relievers for Tuesday’s game