Bret Boone, apparently at random, chose to air his grievances with "the liberal bs" about sexual harassment Wednesday on Twitter.

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Former Mariners second baseman Bret Boone apologized Wednesday after a Twitter exchange with a reporter in which he made light of the sexual-harassment and assault allegations that have dominated the news recently.

Boone’s wrote his apology on Twitter¬†on Wednesday afternoon: “All, there are zero excuses for what I said earlier. None. It was 100% wrong. It was offensive. It was not remotely productive to any conversation regarding harassment. I apologize and it will never happen again.”


Earlier Wednesday, Boone direct-messaged reporter Stephen Cohen on Twitter to share his thoughts on the issue, and Cohen shared the exchange on Twitter.

Cohen wrote on that he had tweeted his disappointment about the allegations of inappropriate behavior made against radio host Garrison Keillor. After that, Cohen wrote that he received a direct message from Boone.

Boone wrote: “I got sexually harrased twice today.the Starbucks girl smiled at me and the woman at rite aid flirted with me.Im gettin a lawyer, ”

To which, Cohen replied: “I’m wondering why you felt it was a good idea to make light of sexual harassment in an unsolicited message to a reporter.”

The message apparently was intended as a joke. Here’s Boone’s response to Cohen’s question:

“Because it’s a joke and I have no clue who u are,nor do I care.Just sick of all the liberal bs and everyone all the sudden is offended.sorry that bothered u.go back to whatever you do in your pc world,and once again,I apologize if u were offended…You definitely would not be allowed to play golf in my foursome”

A few minutes later, Boone ended the exchange with: “Oops,just happened again,the girls at vons told me to have a good day….lol…are you serious guy”