Jaffe is one of the most respected writers when it comes to analyzing the candidates for the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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There’s a second helping of the Extra Innings podcast this week with special guest Jay Jaffe of Sports Illustrated.

For those of you unfamiliar, Jaffe writes about all things baseball for the publication and website, but he specializes in the Baseball Hall of Fame and examining the accomplishments and resume of the candidates on the current year’s ballots. It all started out with a post on his old blog “The Futility Infielder,” then moved to Baseball Prospectus and now to Sports Illustrated. In his analysis, he has developed his own personal system of measurement — the Jaffe WAR Score, which is a metric “that facilitates the comparison of Hall of Fame candidates with those already enshrined at their position, using Wins Above Replacement to capture both defensive value as well as offensive value and to account for the wide variations in scoring that have occurred throughout baseball history.” It’s even on Baseball Reference.

Besides writing for SI, he also authored the book:  “The Cooperstown Casebook: Who’s in the Baseball Hall of Fame, Who Should Be In, and Who Should Pack Their Plaques,” which is a must read for any person wanting to be educated on the Baseball Hall of Fame, the voting process and a breakdown of the candidates and Hall of Famers or anyone who likes baseball.

In the podcast, Mariners beat writer Ryan Divish discusses several topics with Jaffe, including his path to writing about the Hall of Fame, his JAWS system, the voting process, the reasons why Edgar Martinez deserves to be inducted, baseball cards, Mike Greenwell, baseball books and beers.