After a hiatus to address some technical difficulties and some health issues, the Extra Innings podcast will no longer be stymied by Skype, the pandemic that is the Coronavirus or the general malaise of sheltering in place for two months. Instead, the podcast returns stronger than ever with an added wrinkle — video. Because who doesn’t want to see the pandemic afro that Larry Stone has grown during this time or the collection of random t-shirts and Tacoma Rainiers hats worn by Ryan Divish.

Following the recent Seattle Times sports reporters roundtables, the podcast decided to use the Zoom software to record the latest episode. And while the audio levels are still a work in progress, there was no dropped calls or streaming drag during the conversation.

Obviously, the main topic was Major League Baseball’s plan to re-start the 2020 season, which is currently being negotiated with the Major League Baseball Player’s Association. Will this plan get approved? Why should the players be upset? Do the owners have a legitimate ask with the revenue sharing? Overlooked in all of the posturing and media leaks about the money is the safety factor. Can MLB make the players feel safe with this plan?

Also discussed is the future of the minor league season, which seems unlikely to happen. Also will there be minor league contraction? And how does this whole situation affect the Mariners’ stepback plan?

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Video of the conversation with Divish and Stone.