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Maybe play home games in Tacoma?

The Mariners are doing great on the road (17-7) but seem to be jinxed at Safeco Field (8-10 at home).

I wonder if an exorcism would help.

Henry Noble, Seattle

Buhner a negative on broadcasts

Why oh why, while enjoying the excellent play-by-play analysis and commentary of the Mariners’ TV team, Mike Blowers and Dave Sims, are we deluged by the ongoing diatribe and chatter of Jay Buhner? He needs to move on and let us enjoy the ballgames. There’s a big fish out there somewhere waiting for him.

Doug and Donna Johnson, Auburn

This fan is calling his shot

There comes a time in a season, even with summer still to come, when a seasoned fan knows he’s seen enough to conclude certain things.

After being swept at home by the Angels, the Mariners traveled to Baltimore. The 17-2 run differential in the two games they won against the team with the league’s best record all but cemented one conclusion: We can now say with a conviction equal to that of the fans in Chicago that we’ll be playing baseball well into October.

Lew Witham, Seattle


Bennett needs to count his blessings

Michael Bennett is right when he says that most working stiffs always want more pay (“Bennett says he’ll attend camp,” May 18). It’s human nature, and in some cases needed badly. However, Bennett is only half right in that he, as is the case with most professional athletes, is vastly overpaid. We, the sports fan, and of course the advertising, pay for those huge salaries.

Come on, Bennett. You signed your contract and we have to assume you were happy until you found out you could get more. And unlike the rest of us, you get a chance to vastly increase your salary in the next go-round. In any case, what you make for one year would set most of us up for the rest of our lives.

We are getting tired of your constant whining about your poverty-stricken self.

Don Curtis, Stanwood


A harsh welcome to the WNBA

There are wake-up calls, then there are Wake-Up Calls. Storm rookie Breanna Stewart got the latter in her WNBA debut.

Chosen as the first pick in this year’s draft, the former UConn star and then some, must have wondered what had just transpired after she and her teammates got brow-beaten by the Sparks by a mere 30 points (“Stewart scores 23, but Storm routed,” May 16).

Though I don’t know for sure, chances are she had never gone through anything like that in her entire basketball career.

But her performance shouldn’t have Storm fans worrying. It was a decent debut, despite the lopsided outcome.

And, hopefully, one day she will be able to look back on it and laugh.

Which, if I had money, I’d bet on.

Creig Hamstad, Kenmore

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