As part of a team bonding exercise, the Mariners dressed up in clothing representing where they are from on the trip to San Diego.

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The folks at the Omni Hotel in San Diego were treated to an odd sight when man wearing a Vince Lombardi tie, a green blazer and a foam wedge of cheese on his head led a group of professional athletes dressed in a variety of odd costumes into the lobby on Tuesday night.

As part of their team bonding, manager Scott Servais requested that players dress up in something representative of where they are from. Dressing up for road trips based on themes is something Joe Maddon did with the Rays and Cubs.

“It was better than I thought it would be,” Servais said. ” The guys had fun with it. They enjoyed it. Goof around a little bit and get some pictures. It’s all about the effort. And guys want to be a part of it.”

Servais, being a Wisconsin native and Packers fan, wore the cheesehead.

“I think it’s the first time some of the Dominicans had ever seen a cheesehead,” he said.

Steve Johnson and Adam Lind had two of the more colorful outfits. Johnson, a Maryland native, wore pants that had the Maryland state flag on them and a matching tie. Lind wore a full Indiana basketball uniform, complete with the traditional candy cane warm up pants.

“I thought Steve Johnson’s Maryland stuff was awesome,” Servais said. “I thought Adam Lind’s was really, really good. I thought Robby Cano’s effort was outstanding.


“I was looking online and I asked some people on twitter,” Johnson said of the pants. “It was called I emailed with the guy back and forth and I was able to get them to me on time. I was working on the full jacket. But it couldn’t get here in time.”

Dae-Ho Lee, Nori Aoki and Hisashi Iwakuma wore traditional clothing from their home countries while Robinson Cano wore the uniform of a sugar cane harvester. Some of the other Latin players wore shirts with their country’s flags on them.

“I think a lot of guys were trying to get stuff, some guys didn’t get exactly what they wanted because of memorial day. Putting it on yesterday and everyone was laughing. It was nice to have a big win right before that.

When is the next time?

“You can only do it once in a while,” Servais said. “We’ll maybe do something that the end of the year once we get into August, when the dog days are hitting. I do have another idea already.”

Team Dress up Day, Theme: Where we're from #VoteMariners #VoteCruz

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