Repair work on the Ken Griffey Jr. outside Safeco Field in downtown Seattle sculpture was completed this weekend after a man damaged the statue attempting to steal the bat in October.

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Ken Griffey Jr. got his bat back Saturday.

The Mariners brought in workers from Two Ravens Studio, a sculptural design and art foundry in Tacoma, to reattach the bronze bat that was stolen from the statue that stands at the corner of First Ave. and Edgar Martinez Way outside Safeco Field.

In October, a man drunkenly detached and made off with the bat … for about a block. Then, as the story goes, Kelsey Klevenberg, in a business meeting on the fifth floor of the KING 5 building across the street, put his cape on. He became Seattle’s Bat Man, chasing down the perp and apprehending the bat. Only, however, after the inebriated thief tossed it in a trash can and tackled himself in an intersection.

“My boss and I looked at one another and waited for Safeco security to swarm, but then he started to get away,” the 35-year-old Klevenberg, who works as the director of inside sales at Zipwhip, told The Seattle Times in October. “I was like ‘this isn’t happening.’ That’s when I booked out, took the elevator and started running.”