Alex Carlson-Helo tosses the first pitch of the Mariners-White Sox game — and then catches a wedding proposal.

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Say what you want about public marriage proposals — this one was pretty good. Alex Carlson-Helo, Miss Washington 2017, threw out the first pitch at the Mariners-White Sox game Thursday night at Safeco Field. But to her surprise, the man who caught the pitch was boyfriend Tom Juel, who jogged out to the mound and dropped to a knee. Carlson-Helo said yes, and showed off her ring to the crowd and cameras. “A diamond on the diamond!” she later said on Instagram. “Tonight was a fairy tale.” The Mariners went on to earn a 5-4 walkoff victory over Chicago. Two years ago, Carlson-Helo was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and a doctor said  she might not walk again, she told Q13 last month. Through physical therapy, she overcame debilitating symptoms and decided to compete in the pageant, she said. Fellow competitor Kára McCullough, of the District of Columbia, was crowned Miss USA on Sunday.