Club control is overrated

For a team that hasn’t made the playoffs in 20 years but is tantalizingly close to a playoff spot (as the Mariners were before their trades), even reasonably close to first place, “club control” should not be the highest priority, especially when the move toward club control fills the biggest hole of the first-place team. Let’s fill the hole to be created by not trying to re-sign Kyle Seager, and fill it with a cheaper player (Abraham Toro), by giving up a truly outstanding closer (Kendall Graveman). That would be great if we have already given up on this year. Which I guess we have.

When, if ever, will the present matter more than the future?

Maxine Stansell, Seattle

To the Astros?

The trade of Kendall Graveman is indefensible. The reactions and feelings of the Mariner players tell the true story (Ryan Divish: “Mariners players feel ‘betrayed’ after team trades Kendall Graveman to Astros”). This trade was abusive to the team, an assault on their spirit, at a time when the team was well above the .500 mark, contending for the playoffs and within its division.

Fred Lippert, Bothell

Jobu needs a refill

It never ends with this joke of an organization. Finally within reach of the playoffs after a 20-year drought and they trade one of the best closers in the league (and a leader in the clubhouse) to a division rival IN THE MIDDLE OF A SERIES AGAINST THEM for a bag of balls, a washed up 40-year-old pitcher, and a switch hitter batting under .200 from both sides of the plate.

It’s like watching the plot from “Major League.”

Bryan Steele, Ballard

Clubhouse mood

I like many other Seattle Mariners fans am completely baffled. It would have made much more sense to keep this group together. You can’t just look at the numbers Mr. Dipoto, there is so much more that goes into a team’s success — their camaraderie, their passion, and the joy and excitement of playing on a team where everyone really cares for each other.

Jeff Nomura, Seattle

Bad timing

Dipoto’s trade of Graveman rocked his own team in the aftermath of their biggest win of the year. A stunning wonderment must now pervade Mariner nation: Is this man even slightly attuned to the pulse of a team he’s had six years to learn about?


Lew Witham, Seattle

Age of reason

I’m 75 years old, attended the first M’s game in 1977, the playoff games in 1995 and countless others, and have now resigned myself to never seeing playoff baseball again in my lifetime.

I’ll say goodbye, Jerry. I hope the Mariners management does as well.

Greg Cobb, Edmonds


Too much pressure on Biles

The deeper story behind Simone Biles’ remarkable career and most recently the expectations of the media on this young woman is so much the cause of her withdrawal. The TV coverage continues to call her the GOAT (Greatest of All Time), putting incredible weight on the shoulders of one young person to dominate the gymnastics competition.

Give her space to decompress from the ridiculous pressure foisted upon her so that she might go on to even greater things on behalf of her sport and our country.

Silver is good.

Dick Brody, Mercer Island

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