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Mistakes are frustrating to see

Trying or not? I must differ with Mariners manager Scott Servais when he states that the Mariners are all trying hard or doing their best while playing — when I see Cano dogging to first every time, now Kyle Seager doing the same.

Again, Cano not backing up a shortstop error and the ball continues to the outfield.

When I see baserunning errors like the recent Oakland game, as I see this continue through the season I really have to wonder if the Mariners even have their heads in the game.

Another season, another disappointment.

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Jack Becker, Gig Harbor


It hit me this morning that the only excitement I get from reading the sports page any more is finding out if the other American League West teams also happened to lose last night. In the immortal words of our President: “Sad!”

Tom Likai, Shoreline

When does football season start?

All right M’s, you kept my attention until the All-Star break, which is better than being done in May like in years past (“Larry Stone: Mariners in danger of seeing once promising season slip away”). But I’m afraid that if I pay attention to the rest of the year, I’m going to drive my head through a wall.

Let’s just skip ahead to training camp, please. Dawgs, Hawks and Cougs should all be good or great this year.

Seafan90 (online comment)

Poetic season

Your Mariners haiku for today:

Sporadic hitting

Pitching staff is in shambles

One more season lost

UDaHo (online comment)


Don’t diss Durant for contract

Kevin Durant is a huge breath of fresh air in professional sports right now (“Matt Calkins: In pro sports, there’s only one thing that can top money: rings”), as he is taking much less than he could get because he loves playing with the Golden State players and he wants to win titles — first and foremost. The money will come — and good grief, how much money does a guy actually need!?

cosmic blues (online comment)


Defense makes all the difference

Are the Hawks still reliant on Russell Wilson passing the ball 25-plus times a game with at least five throws to Jermaine Kearse? If so, no … they’re not at a Super Bowl level (“Bob Condotta: Can Seattle replicate Super Bowl 48 performance?”).

The D is a tad older and appears to be slowing down a bit. Perhaps Shaq Griffin, Frank Clark and the new defensive tackle that they drafted will sharpen the defensive production.

mscynic (online comment)

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