ANAHEIM — It was a throwback to the baseball days of old when players participated in goofy pregame contests to entertain fans.

As part of their annual dairy farmers night at Angels Stadium, there was a cow-milking contest before the game. Yes, two real dairy cows were brought on to the infield from a local farm with representatives from each team participating in the milking contest. Other teams have similar promotions as part of National Dairy Month.

The Angels had two-way player Jared Walsh as their representative. While the Mariners had Yusei Kikuchi and Shed Long represent them. While Kikuchi grew up in Iwate, a rural prefecture of Japan, he did not know how to milk a cow. Neither did Long. The farmers gave them instructions on how to do it before the start of the contest.

Walsh prevailed over Kikuchi and Long by a small amount. So you can add that to the Mariners many losses this season.