Says Angels’ pitcher of 2014 All-Star: “I don’t even know who this kid is”

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Jered Weaver was a man of few words on Thursday when asked to respond to harsh comments by Seattle third baseman Kyle Seager, who said the Angels pitcher “quit on his team” by getting ejected from Wednesday night’s game for hitting Seager with a pitch after a heated fifth-inning exchange between the two.

But the 10-year veteran and three-time All-Star still got his point across. After responding with the word, “Nope,” when initially asked if he had any thoughts on Seager’s quotes and if he had seen them, Weaver was asked if he took offense to the comments.

“I don’t even know who this kid is,” Weaver said.

Weaver and Seager, a four-year veteran and one-time All-Star, jawed at each other after Weaver felt Seager disrupted his rhythm by raising his arm and asking for time while he had both feet in the batter’s box.