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Here are the latest Lower Columbia River catch estimates by state Fish and Wildlife:

State Fish and Wildlife biologist, Joe Hymer, reported that fall chinook fishing was “pretty good” on Tuesday (Aug. 16) from  Woodland downstream on the Lower Columbia River.

During August 8-14, anglers made 5,424 trips and caught 389 adult chinook (379 kept and ten released), 359 summer steelhead (232 kept and 127 released) and three coho.  About half the chinook were caught at Tongue Point just upstream of the Buoy 10 fishery.

The best catch and most fishing pressure along River Section 10 from Cathlamet to Rocky Pt./Tongue Pt. Line where 236 boats with 819 anglers caught 184 adult chinook, three coho and 24 steelhead, plus 10 steelhead and three chinook released.

In all lower river sections, 2,772 boats with 6,123 anglers caught 373 adult chinook, three coho and 295 steelhead, plus 204 steelhead and nine adult chinook released.

In Washington and Oregon, 4,452 bank anglers caught 168 adult chinook and 359 steelhead, plus 242 steelhead and three adult chinook released.