The Kraken are asking fans to recommend civic-minded friends and neighbors, some of whom will see a grant of $32,000 awarded to their chosen nonprofit at each of the 41 regular-season home games next season.

The Kraken Unity Fund Together with Starbucks will sponsor a celebration of what a team release termed “a community hero” at each home game. The Kraken Unity Fund Together with Starbucks replaces the Starbucks Community Stars program.

“The chance to do this in a prolific way, at every home game, is remarkable. We get to tell the story of this individual, and we get to do it in front of our fans,” Kraken CEO Tod Leiweke said. “We ultimately get to bestow upon them a wonderful gift that will then go and support their cause.

“What I anticipate is that we’re going to see applications and submissions that will bring tears to our eyes.”

Selection will be led by the board of the One Roof Foundation — the philanthropic arm of the team and Climate Pledge Arena — together with the team and Starbucks. Eligible nominees and organizations have missions that align with the values of the foundation, including “advancing inclusion, diversity and racial equality,” addressing homelessness and hunger, empowering young people and assisting those negatively affected by climate change.

The first round of nominations may be submitted at from May 24-Aug. 1, but they will be accepted on a rolling basis through January. Nominees must be at least 13 years old and hail from Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho or Montana. The 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization or fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that would receive the grant must be headquartered in those states, according to the One Roof Foundation website. Political, religious, advocacy, or special-interest groups will not be considered.


Starbucks is set to host a day of community service at the beginning of the season and hold an annual event for the recipients at the end of it.

The number 32,000 represents the Kraken entering the NHL as its 32nd franchise and the 32,000 fans who put down season-ticket deposits when an online submission portal went live on March 1, 2018.

“We get to take a big, big step forward in so many things this second season now that the COVID is lifted, including community,” Leiweke said. “This is a beautiful program.”