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Sideline Chatter

Ever see what’s left of a fluffy cat after you put it under a water tap? Same goes for the actual game action in an NFL broadcast. broke down the Bengals-Patriots TV broadcast Oct. 6 and discovered that more than one-third of the air time — 35.5 percent — consisted of players standing around between plays. The rest:

• Commercials: 24.5 percent

• Replays: 10.7 percent

• Coach shots: 4.9 percent

• Referee shots: 3.2 percent

• Halftime: 3.2 percent

• Sideline player shots: 2.2 percent

• On-screen promotions: 2 percent

• Other (crowd shots, cheerleaders): 5.5 percent

Oh, and as for actual football being played? 8.3 percent.

Harvin headlines

• New York Post: “Percy snatcher.”

• At “Ppppercy and the Jets.”

Traveling call

LeBron James, the prodigal Cavalier, has signed his first multimillion car-endorsement deal, for Kia’s K900 luxury sedan.

In keeping with the theme, he’ll drive one from Cleveland to Miami and back.

Prevent Defense Dept.

The New York Giants are apparently taking precautions for Ebola before their game in Dallas on Sunday.

“Though if this game is anything like last week,” noted NBC’s Seth Meyers of a 31-0 loss to the Eagles, “I wouldn’t worry about the Giants catching anything.”

Just had to ask

When it comes to Florida State QB Jameis Winston’s collegiate future, is the handwriting on the ball?

Well, duh

“We all know Jameis Winston wasn’t paid for signing more than 2,000 autographs,” wrote Pat Dooley of the Gainesville (Fla.) Sun, “because if he had that kind of money, he could have paid for his crab legs.”

Talko time

• Dom DeBonis, 81, to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, on what he did after hitting a hole-in-one on three consecutive days during a golf junket to Myrtle Beach, S.C.: “We went and bought a bunch of lottery tickets.”

• Greg Cote of the Miami Herald, after NBA washout Michael Beasley signed with the Shanghai Sharks: “How do you say ‘got weed?’ in Chinese?”

• Janice Hough of, breaking down the Seahawks-Jets trade: “Seattle will apparently receive a conditional draft pick in 2015. Percy Harvin will receive the month of January off.”

• CBS’s David Letterman, on this year’s Nobel Prize for economics: “It went to the guy who sold Derek Jeter’s socks for 400 bucks.”

Perfect play call

How fitting that when the Seahawks elected to ship Percy Harvin out of town, they dialed up a Jet sweep.

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