Sebastian Janikowski is one of the more recognizable place-kickers in NFL history. Jason Myers could probably cruise through a Bellevue Safeway unnoticed.

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One is a former first-round pick who is on the cusp of becoming one of the top 10 scorers in NFL history. The other went undrafted before playing for the Sabercats of the AFL, the Rattlers of the IFL, and then the Jaguars of the NFL.

One was a staple of an organization — a man who played 17 years with the Raiders before they released him this offseason in favor of a younger leg. The other spent two seasons in Jacksonville before being released six weeks into season three.

Sebastian Janikowski is one of the more recognizable place-kickers in NFL history. Jason Myers could probably cruise through a Bellevue Safeway unnoticed.

But they do have one commonality at the moment — they both want the Seahawks kicking job.

“They both pound the football now,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said last week. “This is a great competition going on here with both of the kickers and we’re just going to take our time, play it out, and see how it goes.”

Fans always have a certain fascination with kickers, but the 12s may be a little more invested than usual this year. Last year’s 9-7 Seahawks would have beaten Arizona had Blair Walsh made his final kick, likely would have beaten Washington had he made one of his three field-goal tries, and would have taken Atlanta to overtime had he connected on his final attempt.

Blaming Walsh for Seattle’s first playoff miss in six years is unfair given its other shortcomings, but there were certainly times when him going wide and short left his teammates high and dry. Perhaps that’s why the Seahawks, knowing a change was necessary, signed Myers just three days after the season.

But then came the signing of the 40-year-old Seabass last April. And with it came a $600,000 signing bonus, which nearly exceeded all of Myers’ veteran minimum salary of $705,000. In other words, Myers would have to so clearly outperform Janikowski this preseason that Seattle would be willing to eat $600,000 to give him the job.

That’s a challenge. Myers likes that.

“I enjoy competition. I enjoy when people expect you not to win,” he said. “He (Janikowski) is probably going to be in the Hall of Fame. He’s been great his whole career, but that’s fine. I’m comfortable with people doubting. It took me two years just to get in the NFL.”

Myers got his shot with the Jaguars in 2015 after they traded Josh Scobee to the Steelers. In 2016, he led the NFL with the most field goals made (seven) and attempted (12) from beyond 50 yards. The next year, though, he missed three field goals — including two 54 yarders — in week six vs. the Rams.

Asked what it felt like to come up short after the game, the generally mild-mannered Myers responded, “It feels great, dude. It’s (expletive) awesome, man.”

Myers admitted he didn’t handle the question gracefully at the time, but you can understand his frustration. It’s a “make league,” as he said, and when you’re a relatively unproven kicker, one poor outing can cost you a career. Now he is fighting against one of the most prolific place-kickers in history to extend that career.

Granted, Janikowski might not be what he was in his prime, but he still has pigskins cowering in fear every time he lines up. One of his more impressive kicks this preseason may have been a miss last week from 53 yards, in which the ball climbed about seven yards up the right upright.

Sure, he missed the 2017 season with a back injury, but wear and tear hasn’t been evident in training camp thus far.

“I feel good. When you put the work in … I love lifting, I love being in the weight room. It feels good.,” Janikowski said.

How do you feel about the competition?

“I feel like — it doesn’t matter who it is. I’m going against myself,” Janikowski responded, adding that he and Myers have an “awesome” relationship. “I’m just trying to work on my craft.”

Two kickers. One competition. One favorite. One underdog.

Each wants to be better than the other — and fans just want one to be good enough to help.