Performance-enhancing drugs are par for the course in other sports, so why not golf? The answer is easy, says Nick Faldo: golf's strict honor code — namely, it's the stigma...

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Performance-enhancing drugs are par for the course in other sports, so why not golf?

The answer is easy, says Nick Faldo: golf’s strict honor code — namely, it’s the stigma that gets attached to any cheaters.

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“If you cheat with a pencil, you’re gone for life,” Faldo, winner of six major tournaments, told The Associated Press.

“There’s no soft stuff, where you go to six weeks of rehab to learn how to put in a ‘4’ instead of a ‘3.’ The bottom line is they’re just cheating.

“And if you want to play golf, you forget about that from Day One.”

Filing for flea agency

Britney Spears treated Bit Bit, her pet Chihuahua, to a $180 steak at the Bellagio Hotel during her recent Las Vegas stay, the Mirror of London reported.

Even veteran observers were shocked. No, not that Britney would spend such an outlandish amount for dog food — rather, the realization that Bit Bit must have Scott Boras for an agent.

The puck stoppages here

“The NHL announced Tuesday that cheap owners don’t want the other owners to spend whenever they want and therefore rejected the union proposal for ending the lockout,” wrote Barry Rozner of the Chicago Daily Herald.

“As simple as that sounds, it’s the truth, and it’s the reason for nearly every work stoppage in every sport you’ve ever seen.

“It’s not players vs. owners. It’s owners vs. owners.”

Hold the sequins

Raquel “Rocky” Tebo’s older brother is a figure skater, so imagine her mother’s surprise when the Boston native, 34, decided to become a boxer.

“My mom came to see me fight in New Hampshire, and at first she was covering her eyes,” Tebo told Utah’s Deseret News. “Then she started screaming and hollering at me to hit her. It was great.”

Tebo’s former boyfriend, though, couldn’t quite make the same transition.

“He said he didn’t want to date a woman with a black eye.”

Talking the talk

• Tom Arnold of FSN’s “Best Damn Sports Show Period,” on the Arizona Diamondbacks trying to deal the Big Unit: “The Yankees even offered to trade any short, good-looking players so Randy Johnson won’t stand out so much.”

• John McEnroe, to guest Bob Costas, on what he learned from his about-to-be canceled talk show on CNBC: “I learned that a lot of what I’m thinking right now I can’t repeat on TV.”

• Bill Scheft of Sports Illustrated, on Staples Center courtside seats for the Christmas Day showdown between Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal going for as much as $28,250: “Not only that, you have to buy nachos for Dyan Cannon.”

Down to his last strike

Officials in two Colorado towns, Brighton and Broomfield, are reconsidering their decision to name ballfields for Denny Neagle, the Denver Post reported, after the Rockies pitcher’s recent arrest for soliciting a prostitute.

Possible remedies range from removing Neagle’s name completely to restricting those fields to pick-up games only.

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