A long-awaited interactive “fan portal” launched Thursday morning by NHL Seattle asks plenty of questions and provides at least some answers on things such as ticket pricing, seating and — yes — the incoming team’s name.

In all three cases, fall appears to be the key. A FAQ section within the portal (a link was sent via email to the 33,000 fans that made season-ticket deposits or others with their names on an extended waiting list) states “Fall 2019’’ as the date when ticket prices will be released, seating charts will be available and either Totems, Sockeyes, Steelheads, Kraken or none of the above will be announced as the team’s name.

On the naming thing — seemingly the most popular question local fans have — the website FAQ does hedge somewhat with the word “potentially’’ ahead of the Fall 2019 date, though the team adds, “We can’t wait either.’’

A poll section within the portal asks fans the type of team name they prefer and provides a choice of mythical creatures, sea animals, historical references and “Anything that Eats Canucks.” There’s also a comment section where fans can suggest a name.

NHL Seattle president and CEO Tod Leiweke has long said the team will consult with fans on the name. And when the portal idea was revealed in January, he said fans will be able to use it to deliver opinions on the name and a variety of other issues before the team’s planned October 2021 launch.

“We’re going to have them weigh in on all sorts of things,” Leiweke said at the time. “If I have my way, their fingerprints are going to be all over this franchise. Certainly team name, but they’re going to help us build this up.”


It was announced on the portal that Leiweke plans to do a live “Ask Me Anything” with fans on Facebook on May 31 at 11:30 a.m.

Another poll within the portal asks about preferred arena music and offers a choice of organ player, DJ, live band and all of the above. For a poll on uniform colors, the choices are green and blue, green and something else, blue and something else or anything but green and blue.

Additional polls ask about how fans plan to travel to games at KeyArena, their preferred arena food, what they’ll wear to games and even what the goal celebration sound inside the arena should be.

The portal also contains a timeline of past and future key events involving the club and a section that will regularly spotlight some of the season-ticket depositors.