Kevin Porter Jr. annihilated the rim and embarrassed multiple defenders in what might be the play of the year. Check it out.

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We see you, Kevin Porter Jr.

The Rainier Beach star is tearing up the Metro League and he’s leaving oh so many helpless defenders in his wake. We already knew he was good, but boy, the dunks he’s throwing down in 2017 are taking it to a new level. (There must be something about that Porter Jr. last name.)

His dunk Saturday vs. Chief Sealth was so amazing, he garnered national attention, with some calling it the ‘play of the year.’ And, yeah, after watching it a dozen times, it probably is.

See for yourself:

Now, go back and watch it a few more times. As if the two behind-the-back crossovers weren’t enough, Porter Jr. finishes with a ferocious slam over Elijah Jackson.

But it wasn’t the only highlight of the night for Porter Jr., who finished with a career-high 40 points, 17 rebounds, five assists, three steals and six dunks on the night.

The senior from Seattle is a four-star recruit and is headed to USC next year to play basketball. He’s the son of Rainier Beach legend Kevin Porter, who passed away when Porter Jr. was four years old.

In February, Rainier Beach coach Mike Bethea said Porter Jr. has a chance to be a very special player once he puts it all together. And, well, it looks like he’s starting to do just that.

“Kevin is one of the most skilled players to ever come through here,” Bethea told the Times. “And once he realizes his real potential, it’s going to be scary.”

Need more highlights? Of course you do.