Overlapping duties sometimes created a 100-hour workweek for the father of three grown daughters.

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The decision to resign was basic math for Dori Monson.

Between his afternoon talk-show on KIRO Radio and duties as host of pre- and postgame shows on Seahawks Radio Network, Monson said he averages a 75-hour work week. Add his third job as Shorecrest girls basketball coach and Monson’s schedule becomes ridiculous.

After 10-year run, Monson announced in May he could no longer coach the girls team.

“It was the toughest decision I’ve had in my life,” Monson said Wednesday. “I had some things come up this summer where I was not able to run my June coaching program that I’ve always done. … I started wrestling with the fact that if I have these other competing interests and if I wasn’t able to run June ball, am I giving the girls the 100 percent that they deserve? I have to give it every ounce of energy that I’ve given it the last 10 years or it’s time to step aside. That was the real challenging decision I made.”

Monson began as an assistant coach when Shorecrest hired Ed Wissing in 2008-09. They were considered co-head coaches the following season, and Monson took over in 2010-11.

He led the Scots to the Class 2A state championship in 2016 and leaves with a career record of 125-72. Tucked into the wins are experiences like coaching his three daughters, winning his first district title and helping players develop their skills.

“Winning state was, other than family stuff, probably the most exhilarating life experience I’ve had,” said Monson, whose team was 13-10 overall this season. “I think everybody thought that I was going to resign after (youngest daughter Keegan) graduated, but I loved it way too much.”