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Hafid Yassin, speaking in Somali, asked for an inbound lob from teammate Yusuf Mohamed.

Unguarded at the elbow of the left wing, the 6-foot-5 Yassin took off for the basket and Mohamed tossed the ball above his head. The senior guard from Chief Sealth High School slam-dunked it with his right hand and then wondered what all the loud cheering was for.

“It was just another dunk,” he thought to himself after he scored against Garfield High late in the game on Tuesday.


It was a monster dunk, a head-above-the-rim dunk, a dunk that went viral. On Thursday, it was picked as SportCenter’s top play of the day.

“I didn’t know I got that high until after I saw the video,” said Yassin on Saturday afternoon, a few days after things had died down just a bit. “I was wondering why everyone was going so crazy.”

Yassin got some publicity, for sure, and plenty of love at school. Friends shook his hand and patted him on the back in the hallways. Teachers showed his dunk on projector screens during class.

“Everyone who didn’t know me was giving me these looks,” said Yassin, who started playing basketball about seven years ago. “It’s a nice thing that we’re getting a little attention here in Washington state.”

After the game, a few junior-college basketball coaches contacted Sealth coach Colin Slingsby about Yassin, and so did a collegiate track-and-field coach.

“We’re going to try to convince him to go out and compete in the high jump this year,” Slingsby said.

Yassin, who isn’t sure of his vertical reach, said he works on his explosiveness, and Slingsby also said the team does plyometric drills in the offseason.

“He was on and off with that program, but he’s just a naturally gifted athlete,” said Slingsby. “We see him dunk every day in practice, so it’s not really a surprise when he does it in a game. But obviously this one was pretty special.”

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