A group of parents on Thursday sued the governing body that oversees high-school sports in Washington because of state volleyball tournament games scheduled on Saturday.

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A group of parents have sued the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) over alleged religious discrimination because they said the governing body of the state’s high-school athletic programs refused to restructure the state volleyball tournament in Yakima.

Eleven parents representing 12 student-athletes from Northwest Yeshiva High School (Mercer Island), Walla Walla Adventist Academy and Puget Sound Adventist Academy (Kirkland) filed suit in King County Superior Court on Thursday, said Heather Jacobson, who was one of those filing suit and whose daughter plays for Northwest Yeshiva.

Schools that observe the Sabbath on Saturday cannot participate in the majority of the Class 1A/2B/1B state volleyball tournament, which occurs on Friday and Saturday in mid-November at the Yakima SunDome.

Parents representing 15 students sent a letter to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction and the WIAA on Sept. 8 requesting a change to the format. Such schools, which are represented in Class 2B and 1B, do not participate in sports beginning Friday at sundown through Saturday at sundown.

“Overall I think the parents are fed up with this thing,” Northwest Yeshiva athletic director Jed Davis said.

Davis said that leagues associated with schools that observe the Sabbath on Saturday had shown support for a change by voting unanimously to alter the state tournament format. WIAA officials declined to comment because of the litigation.