Male calf approaches O’Dea golfer during play at The Creek at Qualchan Golf Course in Spokane, then disappears.

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SPOKANE — A moose on the loose trumped birdies on the first day of the Class 3A state boys golf tournament at The Creek at Qualchan Golf Course.

A male moose calf wandered onto the 11th fairway Tuesday while O’Dea golfer Sam Edmonds played a shot on the par-3 hole. The moose paused for a drink at a pond along the hole, then took an interest in Edmonds.

At first, site manager Scott Kramer thought the moose “seemed to be playful, jumping around.”

Fred Mabbott, Lake Washington’s golf coach, thought otherwise. “He kind of did a little charge, then slipped a little,” said Mabbott, who snapped a picture of the encounter with his cellphone. “He was a young moose, but he still was almost as big as a Clydesdale. … My worry was that mama was going to come out of the trees looking for him.”

Brian Vaughan, O’Dea’s golf coach, called the incident “pretty scary. “We yelled at Sam to take out a club.”

Edmonds, an 18-year-old senior from Kirkland, realized he had a visitor on his backswing. “I was putting my club back (in the bag) and he started to charge at me. I didn’t really know what to do. I moved back, and he slipped a little on the hillside.”

At that point, Edmonds estimates the moose was only about 10 feet from him.

“I think he was scared, too,” Edmonds said.

The moose began to back away as the gallery of 15 or 20 yelled to try to distract the animal, which was finally shooed away and disappeared the same way he strolled in.

How did the round go for Edmonds?

“Leave the part about my golf game out, please,” he said. “I’m going to blame that on the moose. Not a good round for me, unfortunately. I think I was a little rattled.”

Along with his most memorable golf moment, Edmonds has a new nickname.

“Coach has nicknamed me Moose,” he said.