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Prep football

Not a good look for Bellevue

Though I have not followed high-school football since I graduated long ago, I couldn’t help but be drawn into the story regarding the investigation into the Bellevue High School football program (“Bellevue football probe slams coaches, district,” April 27).

I continue to be amazed by the lengths people will go, compromising their integrity, to win at all costs. Especially when these people are the supposed adults in the situation. They’re supposed to be the ones teaching lessons to and modeling behavior for the student-athletes under their watch.

Also, as a person of color, I am thoroughly disgusted by the invocation of racism in the proceedings.

This isn’t about race, it’s about class. To me, this is about a group of affluent people wanting to live vicariously through the glory of their children while skirting the rules to gain a competitive advantage. The race element (to me) comes in when financially-challenged people of color allow themselves and their children to be used to perpetuate this machine. My question to them: If your kid couldn’t run, throw, block or tackle, would they care about you? I think not. There’s plenty of evidence.

I commend all involved with the investigation for bringing this to light. The actions of those in charge of Bellevue football and their boosters have made a mockery of the very lessons that participating in team sports is supposed to provide.

Chris Mirabueno, Seattle


Lincoln will not be missed

I walked outside and screamed with happiness when the word spread of Howard Lincoln’s departure (“Mariners sale puts control in local hands,” April 28).

Being a season-ticket holder for the past 17 years has been painful at times, but none more painful than having to endure Lincoln’s complete lack of understanding of what it takes to put a winner on the field. He refused to respond honestly to criticism and shunned the fan base that had the audacity to question his miserable failures over the years.

I know it’s not right to kick a man on his way out, but my cowboy boots are in position. Go, M’s!

Zygi Goldenberg, Seattle

Excited about Zunino’s play

I have been so excited to read about Mike Zunino’s success in Class AAA Tacoma this spring and I was overjoyed to see the Larry Stone column (“A happy hitter,” April 27).

I was at Safeco Field the day Zunino had his major-league debut on June 12, 2013, and I immediately decided to “adopt” him as my favorite player. I was there when he hit his first major-league homer and my husband treated me to a season-ticket holders’ luncheon with special guest Mike Zunino.

I followed his tough 2015 season with dismay, all the while feeling that he had been rushed to the big leagues at a time when the Mariners were in desperate need of a quality catcher behind the plate.

Kudos to Jerry Dipoto and staff for giving Zunino the time and training to become the best player he can be. I feel like “my guy” is back on track to be a successful major-league player.

Kim Henwood, Seattle

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