A committee of five KingCo Conference principals will rule on Bellevue football sanctions after an appeal by Bellevue High School.

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A committee of five KingCo Conference principals will meet within five days to hear an appeal by Bellevue High School over sanctions against its football team.

The appeal was presented to the president of KingCo, Christina Thomas of Lake Washington High School in Kirkland, according to a news release Wednesday from the conference.

Bellevue will be allowed to present its case to the KingCo committee in a closed hearing. The decision will be made by majority vote. The committee can uphold, reduce or increase the sanctions imposed by a previous committee of KingCo athletic directors.

The KingCo committee banned Bellevue football from competing in postseason play for four years, and sought to corral the powerful Bellevue booster club by prohibiting the football program from receiving outside donations for four years, including money, equipment and products from outside entities.

The conference also said it would vacate the school’s conference titles if the WIAA determines that state championships should be forfeited.

Bellevue filed an appeal to KingCo on Monday.

Bellevue School Superintendent Tim Mills has criticized KingCo for not providing specific factual information to support its decision. He said the sanctions were too severe.

Team supporters, meanwhile, have been battling the district to seek the reinstatement of head coach Butch Goncharoff, who is on leave pending possible termination. The booster club has indicated that it may pursue lawsuits to protect the program.