After its genesis in 1977, the Seattle Thunderbirds are still thriving. In this week's episode of 'Hard Count,' Geoff Baker takes a look at how this local hockey team has continued its success.

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On this week’s Hard Count with Geoff Baker podcast, we go in-depth with Seattle Thunderbirds general manager Russ Farwell about the Western Hockey League team’s current business status and evolution since a move out of KeyArena seven years ago. Also, his personal thoughts on being involved in the Philadelphia Flyers trading for onetime junior phenom Eric Lindros a quarter century ago.

This week’s headlines:

  1. Seattle sports business proponents are eagerly waiting to see whether this city will play host to next week’s MLS Cup final in which the Sounders will play either Montreal or Toronto.
  2. An intriguing study by the British consultancy firm Deloitte concludes that relegating poor-performing MLS teams to a lower league might actually benefit the sport in North America.
  3. NFL television performance over the Thanksgiving holiday was about as extreme as it gets on both ends of the spectrum.
  4. The new NHL franchise in Las Vegas gets a name
  5. Our nation’s biggest rugby event hopes to become an even bigger draw for fans by uniting men’s and women’s events

Plus, a look at an ESPN cost-cutting gaffe and a planned move by the NBA Detroit Pistons that could help the financially decimated city they represent.