Unforgettable finish (in the semis)

The Zags had an amazing season, they just came up against a Baylor team that would not be denied. Oh well, at least we will always have Jalen Suggs’ last-second 40-footer to beat UCLA on — of all dates — 4-3-21!

Jeff Swanson, Shoreline

Pure magic

Every young kid has imagined making the winning basket, or touchdown or base hit, to win the big game. This aspiration will probably not come true — but the outside chance of it happening still lingers in the mind. The Gonzaga game brought it all back. What a great memory.

John Bowers, SeaTac


Jim Meehan described the Gonzaga buzzer-beating, sweat-inducing, and palpitation-triggering overtime victory in the Final Four against UCLA as pulsating. For real. I couldn’t go to sleep until 3 a.m.

What a beautiful game.

Marc D. Greenwood, Camp Hill, Ala.


Maple sapped

Hope for the best for the Big Maple (“Mariners pitcher James Paxton reportedly needs Tommy John surgery”). The M’s, on the other hand, look very weak. Marco Gonzales looked bad in the spring and looks worse now. The everyday players’ upsides look weak. The pitching looks weak. This whole outfit looks weak!

Steve Treadway (online comment)

Injury, woes

It just continues.

“My, oh My!”

Hawk Attack (online comment)

NCAA women

Arizona coaches

Having witnessed Adia Barnes’ vulgar language and gesture after the women’s victory over UConn, I’d say Arizona fired the wrong head coach. Barnes used the “F” word and gesture and said she thought she was in a private meeting with her team. When you’re in the national sports spotlight, there is no such thing as a private conversation.

Margaret Symons, Seattle

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