What the national media is saying about the U.S. Open and Chambers Bay golf course in University Place.

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What the national media is saying about the U.S. Open and Chambers Bay golf course in University Place:

Much consternation surrounding Chambers Bay

Chambers Bay and the USGA are taking body blow after body blow. If it were a UFC bout, they’d be the ones in the arm-bar submission hold. Players complain. That’s what they do. That’s what they’ve always done. It wouldn’t be a U.S. Open if the players were gushing about the place. But this is different. One player stepped off a courtesy shuttle, saw the smoke plume from a nearby marina warehouse fire, and without breaking step said, “With any luck, it’s the course.” – Gene Wojciechowski, ESPN.com

Jordan Spieth seems incredibly relaxed

Saturday felt like a dad letting his young children feel like they were playing outside by themselves even though he was watching from the kitchen window the entire time to make sure nothing got out of hand. Sunday, I’m afraid for the field. It is going to feel like dad heading outside and saying, “OK, it’s bedtime.” “I feel a little more relaxed right now after finishing the round vs. when I finished Saturday at Augusta,” Spieth said. “I was amped and already ready to start the next round. Right now, I’ll be a little bit more patient, I think, in not letting my mind wander and being focused on the next part of the routine to get ready for the round.” It’s still his tournament to lose. Hint: He’s not going to lose it. – Kyle Porter, CBSsports.com

Rory McIlroy stays patient despite missing his chance

McIlroy is the personification of all that is difficult — and even wrong — with this novel and controversial U.S. Open. After playing his first seven holes in 2-under par, he was poised to move right onto the leaderboard on the back nine, until the greens of Chambers Bay got to him. – Christine Brennan, USA Today

Vertigo-stricken Jason Day guts out the round of his life

Drugged, dizzy and shaky is no way to play great golf. But Day did it, on an afternoon when the course devoured the field. Players in the peak of health were reduced to hacks – whiny hacks, many of them, complaining about course conditions. To them, Jason Day can raise a large cup of shut up. – Pat Forde, Yahoo! Sports