Birdie, eagle … kangaroo?

Golfer Wendy Powick had her tee shot delayed by a dozen or so kangaroos that congregated and hopped around the fairway in front of her at Arundel Hills Country Country Club in Queensland, Australia.

On the plus side, she suddenly had no problem getting up and down that day.


• At “New York City reinstates full lockdown after disturbing reports that Knicks may resume play.”

• At “J.J. Watt is done for the season. This is not a repeat of 2016, 2017 or 2019.”

Rocky Bridges

The Mets have reportedly turned to Chris Christie — the former New Jersey governor — for advice in their ill-fated search for a general manager.

When asked what advice he could possibly offer, a Mets spokesman said they’ll close that bridge when they come to it.


Names in the game

Has there ever been a more aptly named kicker than West Virginia’s Casey Legg?


At least one person is thanking his lucky stars that it’s an Astros-Braves World Series.

That would be the guy raking in the dough selling “Cheaters vs. Choppers” T-shirts.

Ben there, done that

Facebook has rebranded itself as … Meta.

“Hey, come up with your own shtick,” said the former Ron Artest.

Packing a wallop

The Green Bay Packers, minus Devante Adams and half of their starters, rolled into Arizona and beat the 7-0 Cardinals on Thursday night.

Lose just three or four more players, analysts say, and they’ll be overwhelming Super Bowl favorites.


What teen angst?

Mikey Williams, a 6-foot-2 high-school junior basketball star in North Carolina, has landed a multiyear footwear and apparel endorsement deal with Puma.

Heck, when we were 17 we thought having a paper route was cool.

Sacrificial Lamb

Parting was such sweet sorrow for the Cowboys’ CeeDee Lamb, who waved goodbye to Patriots corner Jalen Mills after scoring the game-ending TD in overtime.

At least it was the instant the NFL fined him $10,300.

NFL goes baseball

The Giants led 5-3 and the Cardinals trailed 5-0 in games last Sunday.

We thought they were both out of the NL playoffs weeks ago.

On second thought

So whose bright idea was it to tell Braves pitcher Charlie Morton to break a leg before Game 1?


Fish is on the menu

The expansion Kraken is putting a Seattle spin on the “three stars” postgame hockey tradition — having each of the stars toss a stuffed salmon into the stands.

What’s next, throwing a can of 30-weight at Oiler games?

You’re … out

Major League Baseball owners will likely lock out players Dec. 2 when the collective-bargaining agreement ends, AP reported.

Apparently the players won’t even get one strike before they’re out.

Spoiler alert

The new movie, “The Eternals,” is NOT about the Mariners’ quest to reach the playoffs after all.

That’s shoe biz

A pair of Nike Air Ships, worn by rookie Michael Jordan in just his fifth NBA game in 1984, sold for $1.472 million at a Sotheby’s auction in Las Vegas.


Mars Blackman was inconsolable.

Twisting the dial

Trying to find a Kraken game on TV isn’t easy.

Even tuned in to “Squid Game,” and no, that wasn’t it either.

Elephants 1, Poachers 0

A potential poacher was trampled to death by an elephant in Kruger National Park in South Africa.

“Thoughts and prayers,” said the pachyderm’s PR man, Tarzan.

Tweet of the Week

“There’s an alternate universe in which Kyler Murray is leading the Oakland A’s in the World Series and Aaron Rodgers is hosting ‘Jeopardy’ this week.” — @RedditCFB

Cut the bull

PETA wants baseball to stop using the term “bullpen,” saying it is a holding place for cattle about to be butchered and no place for pitchers.

But still passing muster, for now: ducks on the pond, dying quail, gopher ball and dog days of summer.


Bears 1, Anglers 0

A black bear lowered his head and decked a fisherman at Kootowis Creek near Tofino, British Columbia.

Football scouts say the bear is a prototype pass-rusher — if they can just curb his targeting tendencies.

Talking the talk

• ESPN’s Chris Fowler, after Oregon defensive end Kayvon Thibodeaux uttered an expletive on live TV: “Thibodeaux did a Thi-bo-don’t.”

• RJ Currie of “To those of you who don’t believe in Purgatory: Try watching the last three minutes of an NBA game.”, on Chicago’s 0-5-1 NHL start: “The Blackhawks are like the Titanic: They looked good until they hit the ice.”


The Braves’ Ozzie Albies won Americans free tacos when he stole second base in the first inning of Game 1 of the World Series.


How come Jorge Soler’s homer that same inning didn’t earn us free tater tots?

Quote marks

• Alex Kaseberg, via Twitter, on the Raiders reeling off two lopsided wins since the firing of coach Jon Gruden: “The Jets should search their coach’s computer for offensive emails.”

• Comedy writer Brad Dickson, via Twitter, on Nebraska AD Trev Alberts missing Saturday’s football game to attend his son’s wedding: “The way this season has gone, when the bride throws the bouquet the bouquet will be intercepted.”

• Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, to reporters, on the picture of him looking like he’d seen a ghost in Thursday’s game against the Cardinals: “The internet is undefeated.”