Times golf writer Scott Hanson offers perspective from the course.

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I have not had this feeling since I was getting ready to finish my last day of college.

For years, I had waited to finally finish with school, and when that last day hit, there was an amazing sense of joy and relief that I felt but also this feeling of, “Wow, what now?”

Since 2008 when Chambers Bay was selected to host this U.S. Open, my work life (and much of my personal life) has been dominated by getting ready for it. Though the long ride has been rewarding, I have to admit I also have been eagerly waiting for weeks the moment when it would all be done.

So what now?

What I do know is the Northwest really came through. Years ago, I wondered if this region would embrace this championship the way I thought it should. In all respects, the reaction exceeded my expectations, from volunteer sign-ups and ticket sales to corporate backing and the enthusiastic fans who have enjoyed the show.

It took the USGA 120 years to bring the U.S. Open to the Northwest. Undoubtedly, it will take a lot less time before it comes back. We deserve to see the best players, and maybe this U.S. Open will be the impetus to getting an annual PGA Tour event.

So what now? Maybe it doesn’t matter. I’ve got a lot of great memories to cherish — and I could really use some rest.