Times golf writer Scott Hanson offers perspective from the course.

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All work and no play makes Scott a dull boy, so I tried something new Saturday.

I became a fan for two hours.

I needed to. I spend way too many hours in the media center, and when I’m on the course, I am always thinking about work. So, I went out with a new mind-set. I checked out the food tent and immediately coveted the lobster roll at the Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse booth.

I made my way over to the Lexus tent, where a line of about 75 was waiting to have their picture taken with the U.S. Open trophy. That was about 74 people too long for me, so I got into the Johnny Miller autograph line, which was a few feet away and much shorter.

I then went to the huge merchandise tent, where someone could shop for hours. I left with a Chopper Beaver stuffed animal (wearing a U.S. Open hoodie), because everyone needs one of those, right?

I sat in the grass overlooking the 17th hole, where the view of the sound, islands, boats and occasional train is so beautiful that golf is almost beside the point. I sat in the 6,000-seat grandstand on the 18th hole, the largest set of bleachers in U.S. Open history. And I went to the 14th tee and marveled at how the players handle the visual intimidation of having to hit a drive about 300 yards to clear the waste area. Just thinking about it was almost enough to send me into the fetal position.

But mostly I walked, finding great spots to watch golf along the way, and having a wonderful time all the while.

Time to run, though. That lobster roll is calling my name.