Get out your crayons, your colored pencils and felt-tip markers — heck, maybe even your paint brushes. Keep the kids busy or the kid-at-heart content.

We’re running a series of Seattle sports coloring book pages, both in print in the Seattle Times on Sundays, plus here online to download each image. Up first was Seahawks star Russell Wilson and Storm icon Sue Bird. This week: Mariners Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr. Find the full printed page on B3 in Sunday’s paper.

Illustration by Rich Boudet / The Seattle Times

Right click and download the Griffey image above.

When you’re done drawing these, feel free to share them by emailing us a photo to or tweeting us @SeaTimesSports. We might add yours to a post for all to see! We are collecting photos (lots of cute ones, thanks) sent of Bird and Wilson and will highlight entries so far when the Griffey pages start coming in.

Right-click and download the previous images below:

Coming next week: Lenny Wilkens