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The Mariners are 11-17…again. If you’ve had any deja vu moments recently regarding their inconsistent start to the 2015 season, you’re not alone.

Since 2002 – the season after their last playoff berth – until today, the Mariners have started a season 11-17 four times.

In that same span, the M’s have recorded 10 sub-.500 (one at .500: 14-14 in 2007) starts after 28 games. Only one time, in 2014, did they start a season under .500 in their first 28 games (13-15) and finish the regular season with a winning record (87-75).

Will 2015 be like last season where the Mariners finished strong or will it be like so many other non-playoff years since 2001? Only time will tell.