Nobel Prize-winning musician knows his sports-dominated bucket list is a bit out of his skill set.

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Bob Dylan’s bucket list? The answer, my friend, is …

“I’d like to drive a race car on the Indianapolis track,” the Nobel Prize-winning musician told the London Daily Telegraph. “I’d like to kick a field goal in an NFL football game. I’d like to be able to hit a 100-mile-an-hour baseball.

“But you have to know your place. There might be some things that are beyond your talents.”


• At “Anthony Davis can’t name anyone else on the Pelicans either.”

• At “Terrified squirrel worried Eddie Lacy was going to eat him.”

Join the clubbed

English golfer Ian Poulter, in fit of pique, took a club and whacked his bag a few times — shattering not only his cellphone, but his caddie’s, too.

That was certainly uncalled for.

NFL quiz

Fans of the 49ers are blaming the team’s sieve of a defense on:

a) Youth

b) Injuries

c) Taking the Mannequin Challenge.

Just (one) win, baby

The Philadelphia 76ers, the NBA’s last winless team, finally beat the Indiana Pacers 109-105 Friday night to improve to 1-7.

That flood of callers reporting gunshots to 9-1-1 in Cleveland was merely champagne corks popping at Browns headquarters.

Talko time

• Hall of Fame receiver Cris Carter, to Fox Sports Radio, on No. 1 draft pick Jared Goff riding the pines for the Rams: “They have made a colossal mess-up. Just admit it. … I’ve stepped in more piles of doo-doo than most people, but I admit it. I clean my shoes off, change my shoes and get to steppin’.”, after the NCAA declared 6-11 center Gorjak Gak eligible to play basketball at Florida: “Apparently it took a while for his high-school transcripts to get here from the Klingon home world.”

• Rams defensive tackle Michael Brockers, to ESPN, on linemate Aaron Donald: “God built him to play D-tackle, man. He built a 6-1, 280-, 290-pound bowling ball with the strength of two men.”

Heading to Wrigley

Giddy Cubs fan Ricky Rainey, to commemorate the curse-busting World Series title, had the Wrigley Field marquee tattooed onto the top of his head.

So how does he top that, get ivy implants?