Mike Tirico will be doing international double duty when NBC broadcasts the Olympics and the Super Bowl next month.

Tirico will anchor the network’s primetime coverage of the Winter Games from Beijing then will change locations to Los Angeles to host the Super Bowl pregame show. This is the first time the two events will overlap.

“I didn’t need much convincing to do this. This is the opportunity of a lifetime within our profession. The biggest sporting event in the country in the middle of the biggest sporting event in the world,” Tirico said, “The chance to be a part of both is great. I’m honored to be a part of this for sure.”

Tirico is the host of NBC’s “Football Night in America” and he also calls some games throughout the season. He will anchor the Olympics from Beijing on Feb. 3-10 before making the 6,200-mile flight to Los Angeles, where he will host coverage Feb. 11-12 from a set outside SoFi Stadium.

On Feb. 13, Tirico will host the five-hour Super Bowl pregame show and then the Sunday night Olympic primetime show following the game. This will be his third Olympics as the primetime host after joining NBC in 2016 and his fourth Super Bowl (the previous three were with ABC).

“They’re both dream assignments, so who needs to sleep at that point? The one thing you want to make sure is you can do it the right way,” Tirico said. “I think from an editorial standpoint, we’ll still be able to deliver the same coverage and that’s got to be at the forefront of this. And in some ways, I think it will help enhance this unique weekend to be at the Super Bowl site, as we’re part of that buildup during our coverage of the Olympics.”

NBC will make the determination, likely over Super Bowl weekend, on where Tirico will be for the remainder of the Olympics — which conclude on Feb. 20 — based on COVID-19 and other factors.


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